Climbing Technology has voluntarily issued a request for inspection of the ROLLNLOCK pulley/rope clamp (Ref. No. 2D652) by the user.
One of our customers has detected a defect in the functioning of the “sheave position lever”. This defect can lead to an accidental locking of the sheave position lever on its pin on the plate. >> read



Reference number:

  • 7H178

Comfortable and ergonomic harness equipped with six attachment points and specifically developed for rope access work.

Compared to GRYPHON, this model is sold equipped with a triangular quick-link and with CHEST ASCENDER+ ventral rope clamp, for maximum ease of use in rope manoeuvres.

This product is a kit composed by the below listed components.


Ref. No. Size Stature A B Weight
7H178BC01 S – M 160 ÷ 185 cm 60 ÷ 80 cm 45 ÷ 55 cm 2200 g
7H178CD01 M – L 170 ÷ 190 cm 70 ÷ 100 cm 50 ÷ 60 cm 2290 g
7H178DE01 L – XL 180 ÷ 205 cm 80 ÷ 120 cm 55 ÷ 70 cm 2390 g

Hook Rest

Support specifically designed for the attachment of the carabiners of a fall arrest lanyard when only one arm is used, or when the equipment as a whole is not used.