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About us

About us

Climbing Technology, by Aludesign SpA, has 35 years of experience in the production of personal protective equipment at an international level.

Our work is your safety, a strong know-how and modern production technologies are applied to the development and the production of products that are intended for use in all vertical disciplines, both in the mountains (mountaineering and climbing) and in all the professional fields that are related to safety (work at height and rescue).
Climbing Technology has settled in a region known for its strong mountaineering traditions, between Bergamo and Lecco, and all the work takes place inside a modern 6000m² structure.

Climbing Technology (by Aludesign SpA) designs and produces innovative devices for all vertical disciplines, specifically designed for safety and the ease of use.

35 years of experience have made Climbing Technology a company that is capable of perceiving the market needs and turning those needs into innovative products for mountaineering, sport climbing and for safety while working at height.

The products made by Climbing Technology are solid examples of Italian experience in the design and manufacture of the highest quality Personal Protective Equipmant, designed for use in all vertical disciplines: in the mountains (mountaineering and sport climbing), in a professional environment (working at height, working on a rope, rescue) and in a recreational environment(via ferrata and adventure parks). The specialized diversification and constant research of new materials and new processing techniques are essential for reaching the new goals: they allow us to create devices that meet the most advanced technical and sporting requirements.

Three objectives: safety, functionality and simplicity. They are objectives that cannot disregard the European standards, the European directives, the certification of the products and the systems of quality management. We know that in order to excel, we must go further, stimulating and directing the whole team, inside and outside of the company, to collaborate in the realisation and the distribution of our devices.

Climbing Technology is synonymous for quality, organisation, an advanced know-how, continuous research and a big product experience.

  • – An extensive quantity of excellent articles about Italian production: designed, developed, tested, manufactured and distributed around the world.
  • – More than 20 international patents, many of which are still active and globally recognized which have helped to raise the standards of safety and have become examples of excellence and technical reference around the world.
  • A modern production and logistical facility of over 6000 m² located in the province of Bergamo, a region with a strong and recognized mountaineering tradition.

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