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Reference number:

  • 7L928*HE

Multipurpose lanyard for work at height. Certified for use as an adjustable EN 358 work positioning lanyard, EN 795-B temporary anchor device and EN 795-C horizontal lifeline. The device is compliant with all requirements of the standard EN 12841-C for use as descender, except clauses 4.1.2 and 4.1.3 which have not been considered*.

Main features:

  • equipped with an adjuster device that bears a control lever and allows for the smooth movement of the rope, without sudden jerks, immediately locking in the position as soon as it is released. It allows for easy recovery and release of the rope, even under tension;
  • when used in accordance with EN 358, as a work-positioning lanyard, it can be connected either to the lateral attachment points (Fig. A) or to the ventral attachment point (Fig. B) of a full body harness;
  • when used in accordance with EN 795-B, as a temporary anchor device, it must be passed around a structure with a suitable shape and strength (Fig. C);
  • when used in accordance with EN 795-C, it can be used to create a temporary horizontal singlespan lifeline (Fig. D);
  • when used in conformity with EN 12841-C*, it can be used for the descent along an anchor line (Fig. E);
  • equipped with light-alloy connector, featuring a double gate and a 60 mm gate opening.

*EN 12841-C:
The device is compliant with all requirements of the standard EN 12841:2006-C (Descender). Clauses 4.1.2 (Compatiblity) and 4.1.3 (Release prevention mechanism) have not been considered since there is inconsistency between the requirements of standard EN 358:2018 (unopenable device) and those of standard EN 12841:2006-C (manually openable device).

This product includes the below listed connectors.

Standard and additional information

EN 358:2018

EN 795:2012-B/C

EN 12841:2006-C*


Ref. No. Length Weight
7L92802HE 2 m 1020 g
7L92803HE 3 m 1100 g
7L92804HE 4 m 1180 g
7L92805HE 5 m 1260 g