We have detected a wrong value on the user manual of the multi-use lanyard for work at height FINCH+ (7L928**). The code of the involved manual is IST23-7L928CTS0_rev.1 05-20 >> read



Quick Step Strap


Reference number:

  • 7K654

Spare lower strap that fits to both right and left versions (QUICK STEP-A and QUICK STEP-S) and to the universal support QT UNIVERSAL.

Quick Step-A

Ascender for right or left foot which, used in combination with CHEST ASCENDER HC, QUICK'UP + or QUICK'ARBOR H, makes easier and faster the rope ascent. Ideal for tree climbing and working at a height.

Quick Step-S

Left or right foot ascender that facilitates and expedites rope ascending in speleological operations when used in combination with QUICK'UP + or CHEST ASCENDER HC models.

QT Universal

QT Universal

Universal fixing support for QUICK TREE foot ascenders. It that can be installed on any boot thank to the webbing system with regulation buckle.