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Reference number:

  • 4F709

Patented fall arrester, designed for work at height and rope access work, compliant with EN 353-2 and EN 12841-A standards.

Main characteristics:

  • easy to install and uninstall at any point on the rope;
  • it can be secured to the harness using a EN 362 connector or KIT 12 lanyard;
  • easy travel along the rope both upwards and downwards, without manual intervention;
  • it may be manually blocked on the rope to minimize the potential fall factor.


  • EN 12841:2006-A – to be used with ropes EN 1891-A – Ø 10,5÷11 mm;
  • EN 353-2:2002 – to be used with the rope PATRON PLUS 11 or the rope PATRON 10.5.

Technical features


Standard and additional information

EN 353-2:2002

EN 12841:2006-A

KIT 12

Kit 12

Accessory lanyard to be used in conjunction with SKR + device only.

Patron 10.5 with end loops

Rope PATRON 10.5 supplied cut to measure and with loops at both ends.

PATRON PLUS 11 with end loops

Patron Plus 11 with end loops

Rope PATRON PLUS 11 supplied cut to measure and with loops at both ends.