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Reference number:

  • 4F709

Fall arrester designed for work at height and rope access work, compliant with EN 353-2 and EN 12841-A standards.

Main features:

  • easy to install and uninstall at any point on the rope;
  • it can be secured to the harness using a EN 362 connector or KIT 12 lanyard;
  • easy travel along the rope both upwards and downwards, without manual intervention;
  • it may be manually blocked on the rope to minimize the potential fall factor.


  • EN 12841:2006-A – to be used with ropes EN 1891-A – Ø 10,5÷11 mm;
  • EN 353-2:2002 – to be used with the rope PATRON PLUS 11 or the rope PATRON 10.5.

Technical features


Standard and additional information

EN 353-2:2002

EN 12841:2006-A


Big Lifeline

Flexible vertical fall arrest line equipped with a PATRON PLUS 11 rope and a BIG connector with maximum aperture of 60 mm.


Giant Lifeline

Flexible vertical lifeline equipped with PATRON PLUS 11 rope and a GIANT connector with maximum aperture of 110 mm.