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Reference number:

  • 7H166

Ergonomic waist belt designed for restraint systems and work in positioning. Used in combination with the WORK TEC 140 model it becomes a harness with four attachment points (EN 361 / EN 358) ideal for fall arrester systems and work in positioning.

Main features:

  • EN 358 lateral attachment points in two positions: in case of usage (work mode) they are turned externally from the waist belt for the connection of a positioning lanyard, in case it is not used (stand-by mode) they fold inwards so it does not interfere the operator’s movements;
  • rear attachment points designed for the connection of a restraint lanyard;
  • work load limit: 140 kg.
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orange / black

Technical features

Maximum load
140 kg

Standard and additional information

EN 358:2018


Ref. No. Size Waist belt Weight
7H166BCO1 S – M 63 ÷ 95 cm 460 g
7H166DEO1 L – XL 73 ÷ 120 cm 545 g