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Reference number:

  • 2E661

Classical multipurpose quickdraw, ideal for working a route in sport climb. Equipped with an ergonomic and robust variable width (25 / 16 mm) polyamide sling.

Main features:

  • equipped with classic shape carabiners and catch-free nose for easy rope insertion/removal;
  • equipped with a FIXIT rubber fastener on the lower carabiner that prevents rotation during use and protects the sling from wear and tear.
#2b2b2b #003399
Anthracite / Electric Blue
#2b2b2b #7fffd4
Anthracite / Aquamarine


Ref. No. Length Weight Colour
2E661GMB06 12 cm 95 g Anthracite / Electric Blue
2E661GPB07 Anthracite / Aquamarine
2E661GNB06 17 cm 100 g Anthracite / Electric Blue
2E661GQB07 Anthracite / Aquamarine
2E661GOB06 22 cm 105 g Anthracite / Electric Blue
2E661GRB07 Anthracite / Aquamarine
Pack of 6 pieces:
2E661GMB06STP 12 cm 570 g Anthracite / Electric Blue
2E661GPB07STP Anthracite / Aquamarine
2E661GNB06STP 17 cm 600 g Anthracite / Electric Blue
2E661GQB07STP Anthracite / Aquamarine