Climbing Technology has voluntarily issued a request for inspection of the ROLLNLOCK pulley/rope clamp (Ref. No. 2D652) by the user.
One of our customers has detected a defect in the functioning of the “sheave position lever”. This defect can lead to an accidental locking of the sheave position lever on its pin on the plate. >> read



Reference number:

  • 2E661

Classical multipurpose quickdraw with excellent quality/price ratio. Robust and lightweight, ideal for various sport climb and mountaineering uses.

Equipped with classic shape carabiners and catch-free nose for easy rope insertion/removal. Upper carabiner with straight gate; Lower carabiner with bent gate.

Equipped with a robust 16 mm polyamide sling and a FIXIT rubber fastener on the lower carabiner that prevents rotation during use and protects the sling from wear and tear.

#b1b1b1 #81d742
grey / green

Kit components


Ref. No. Length Weight Colour
2E661DZC0L 12 cm 100 g grey / green
2E661DZC0P 12 cm 100 g silver
2E661FUC0L 17 cm 104 g grey / green
2E661FUC0P 17 cm 104 g silver
2E661F6C0L 22 cm 109 g grey / green
2E661F6C0P 22 cm 109 g silver
Pack of 6 pieces:
2E661DZC0LSTP 12 cm 600 g grey / green
2E661DZC0PSTP 12 cm 600 g silver