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Reference number:

  • 6X925

All-round mountaineering ventilated helmet, designed to ensure greater head protection. Ideal for mountaineering, ice climbing, rock climbing, canyoning and Via ferrata.

Main features:

  • hybrid structure consisting of an outer shell in ABS and an inner shell in EPS;
  • specifically shaped lower profile to increase the impact protection area;
  • impact and scratch-proof outer shell;
  • close-fitting form that makes the helmet stable on the head and reduces its bulk during use;
  • the amount of ventilation makes the helmet one of the most ventilated in its category and allows excellent temperature regulation even on the hottest days;
  • symmetrical webbing headband adjustment system that allows simple size adjustment;
  • fabric structure of the headband system makes it breathable and durable and is easily replaceable;
  • headband adjustment system enables you to tie your hair up in a ponytail;
  • washable and comfortable non-absorbent padding;
  • equipped with four clips for your headlamp or ski mask;
  • adjustable size from 48-56 cm.
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Orange / White (6X92501AT0)
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Blue / White (6X92503AT0)
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White / Aquamarine (6X92507AR0)
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Aquamarine / White (6X92521AT0)

Technical features

48 ÷ 56 cm


Standard and additional information

EN 12492:2012

Kit components