We have been reported about a few rare cases of plastic bindings that have broken unexpectedly. Front binding (toe side) and / or rear binding (heel side). Such breakage irreparably affects the normal and proper use of the “CRAMPON”. The evidence of an even slight risk of breakage of the bindings makes the device itself unsuitable for use. >> read



Reference number:

  • 2V104

Pole for hiking and trekking, lightweight and compact.

Main characteristics:

  • three parts made of Alu7075 with Easy-Lock system and regulation (Ø 16-14-12 mm);
  • Eva-grip handle with easily adjustable strap;
  • carbide Widia tip, supplied with trekking and ski basket.

Available spare parts:

  • final sections provided of tip (Ref. No. 2V104E);
  • tip (Ref. No. 2V104C);
  • quick lock systems (Ref. No. 2V104A – Ø16 / Ref. No. 2V104B – Ø18);
  • strap (Ref. No. 2V104D);
  • snow baskets (Ref. No. 6V832).

Technical features

63 ÷ 140 cm