Climbing Technology has voluntarily issued a request for inspection of the ROLLNLOCK pulley/rope clamp (Ref. No. 2D652) by the user.
One of our customers has detected a defect in the functioning of the “sheave position lever”. This defect can lead to an accidental locking of the sheave position lever on its pin on the plate. >> read



Reference number:

  • 4A108110

Expansion bolts in HCR AISI 926 stainless steel for use in extremely corrosive environments.

Main features:

  • equipped with a single high-adhesion expansion element;
  • to be used in together with PLATE 12 HCR anchor plates to create an anchor that complies with the regulations EN 959 and UIAA-123;
  • also available in the PLATE 12 KIT HCR version, inclusive of anchor plate, washer and locking nut.

Technical features

Diameter Ø
12 mm

110 mm

Hole length
120 mm


Standard and additional information