3 March 2021

02 March 2021 – EASY SPEED


Cisano Bergamasco, 02-03-2021

As a precautionary measure, Climbing Technology is voluntarily recalling its EASY SPEED (Ref. No. 2F714), subject to verification by the user. The recall is owing to a possible delay in the locking of the cam when used as follows:



In the picture, the user grabs the openable side plate squeezing it towards the locking cam. This pressure, even after removing the hand from the device, could lead to a delay in the locking onto the rope in the event of a fall.

As described in the user manual, the device can only be moved along the rope via the connector and cannot be gripped directly. This means that the method of use represented above is NOT allowed in any case. Nevertheless, in the interest of the safety of its customers, Climbing Technology has preferred to proceed with this precautionary recall.


This recall only concerns Easy Speed fall arrest devices identified with the following batch numbers:

  • ● 0120
  • ● 0220

Anyone in possession of a device marked with one of these two batch numbers must immediately stop using the device and carry out the test described here below.


To understand if the product in your possession is affected by this recall, it is necessary to check the free movement of the mobile side plate. Perform the following actions:

  • ● Fully open the mobile side plate;
  • ● Hang the device through a connector inserted in the built-in attachment point (Fig. 1);
  • ● Rotate the mobile side plate in the closing direction:
    •   – if the mobile side plate rotates freely (Fig. 2) it means that there are no problems, and the device can be put back into service;
    •   – if the mobile side plate pulls upwards the device (Fig. 3) proceed with the return as indicated in paragraph 3.

For a clearer understanding, watch the dedicated video:


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