We have been reported about a few rare cases of plastic bindings that have broken unexpectedly. Front binding (toe side) and / or rear binding (heel side). Such breakage irreparably affects the normal and proper use of the “CRAMPON”. The evidence of an even slight risk of breakage of the bindings makes the device itself unsuitable for use. >> read



Reference number:

  • 7H144

Ergonomic harness with two attachment points, suitable for fall restraint systems and anti-fall systems where the operator has both feet on a surface which is horizontal or inclined at up to 30°.

Main characteristics:

  • chest attachment point in reinforced webbing, back attachment ring;
  • innovative chest closure system with metal “Twist buckle” including anti-opening mechanism;
  • adjustable padded shoulders, designed to avoid rubbing on the operator’s neck;
  • lumbar support made of breathable mesh for comfort if hanging;
  • two additional tool-carrying loop;
  • the leg loops are equipped with self-locking buckles.
#ee9900 #111111

Procedure and sheet for periodical check of this PPE

Standard and additional information

EN 361:2002



Full body harness
Ref. No. Size Stature (cm) A (cm) B (cm) Weight
7H144BC S – M 160 ÷ 185 60 ÷ 105 50 ÷ 70 850 g
7H144DE L – XL 170 ÷ 195 75 ÷ 125 60 ÷ 80 900 g