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Reference number:

  • KWS009

Kit created for all those who work on metallic structures, on pylons and for anyone involved in the assembly of cranes.
The upward progression can be carried out safely thanks to the correct use of FLEX ABS 140 COMBI Y lanyard, equipped with energy absorber. Due to two large-opening connectors (up to 60 mm), FLEX ABS 140 COMBI Y allows for the attachment to metallic structures with large cross-sectional diameter. Once the work position has been reached, the operator will be able to secure the placement using a FINCH SHELTER adjustable positioning lanyard. WORK TEC 140 harness, in conjunction with WAIST TEC waist belt, ensures constant comfort thanks to excellent fit, light weight, and padding in the waist belt and shoulder straps.

This product is a kit composed by the below listed components. Check the corresponding technical files (user’s instructions, declarations of conformity, periodic checks procedures etc.) in the product page of each component:

  • WORK TEC 140
    Ergonomic and lightweight harness, with excellent fit. Developed for work restrain and in fall arrest systems.
    Excellent comfort is ensured in all positions assumed while working thanks to the padding of shoulder straps and back side. Light weight and freedom of movements. Two EN 361 attachment points. Maximum working load: 140 kg.
    Ergonomic waist belt developed for work restraint and work positioning.
    Comfortable, thanks to the padding of the entire contact area on the back. Collapsible EN 358 attachment points. To be used in conjunction with WORK TEC 140 harness..
    Screwgate oval connector in zinc-plated steel, ideal for works at height, industrial use and rescue.
    Zinc finish that prevents the connector from rusting in humid environments. Catch-free closure to avoid involuntary snagging while in use. Individually tested at 12 kN.
    Lanyard equipped with energy absorber, extremely lightweight, durable and resistant. Working load: 140 kg.
    Constant safety while progressing on metallic structures, thanks to the elasticated arms and light-alloy connectors. Innovative SLIDER (patented) energy absorber with progressive tear, protected by a strong zip-case. Tested for use in fall factor 2 situations and for use over sharp edges (r ≥ 0,5 mm).
    Work positioning lanyard, adjustable and compact.
    Effortless adjustment for perfect positioning at all times. Once installed, it leaves both hands free for working. Equipped with a compact, tied-on connector in light-alloy.
    Carry bag.
    Made of abrasion-resistant fabric. Thanks to a central handle, it is easy to grab even with gloves on. With a window on the outside to store identification documents in.


Ref. No. Size
KWS009BC S – M