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Reference number:

  • 0F716GA

Cable guide for lateral SKC EVO LINE lifeline installed on a ladder.

SKC EVO LINE system consists of multiple components that can be assembled to build a flexible or rigid anchor line. The SKC EVO LINE system is available as a complete kit for central (CENTRAL MOUNTING) or lateral (SIDE MOUNTING) installation on ladders.

All the components can also be purchased separately:

  • fall-arrester device (mod. SKC EVO);
  • stainless-steel cable 7 x 19 ø 8 mm (mod. SS CABLE);
  • stainless steel thimble for the creation of the bottom end loop (mod. REDANCE);
  • stainless steel oval shaped quick link ø 8 mm (mod. Q-LINK S-STEEL 08);
  • stainless-steel wire-rope grip for the creation of the bottom end (mod. U-BOLT);
  • stainless steel tensioner for the creation of the bottom end loop (mod. TENSIONER);
  • central anchor bracket (mod. C-LADDER KIT);
  • lateral anchor bracket (mod. S-LADDER KIT);
  • cable guide for central mounting (mod. C-GUIDE);
  • cable guide for side mounting (mod. S-GUIDE);
  • identification display (mod. DISPLAY).

Technical features

Main material
Stainless steel