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Reference number:

  • 6V823

Innovative shaped rubber fastener for quickdraw slings. It secures the lower carabiner of the quickdraw to the sling, preventing the accidental rotation and keeps it on the axis. It also protects the sling from wear and tear.

Attention! Not to be used as a PPE.

Available in packs of 10 pieces.

blue (6V823**03)
black (6V823**05)
green (6V823**09)

Standard and additional information


Model Ref. No. Sling width Weight Colour
FIXIT S 6V8231003 10 ÷ 13 mm 2 g blue
6V8231005 black
6V8231009 green
FIXIT L 6V8231603 15 ÷ 18 mm 4 g blue
6V8231605 black
6V8231609 green