We have been reported about a few rare cases of plastic bindings that have broken unexpectedly. Front binding (toe side) and / or rear binding (heel side). Such breakage irreparably affects the normal and proper use of the “CRAMPON”. The evidence of an even slight risk of breakage of the bindings makes the device itself unsuitable for use. >> read



Reference number:

  • 4A10712

Multidirectional anchor plate made of High Corrosion Resistance (HCR) AISI 904L stainless steel with a Ø 12 mm hole, for use in ultra-corrosive environments.

Main characteristics:

  • ideal for bolting a sea cliff or a crag near to the sea where the anchor may be subject to corrosion under stress (Stress Corrosion Cracking);
  • to obtain an installation that complies with the regulations EN 959 and UIAA-123, you must use the ANCHOR BOLT 12 HCR model of bolts;
  • also available in the PLATE KIT 12 HCR version, inclusive of bolt, washer and locking nut.

Technical features

25 kN

25 kN

Hole Ø:
12 mm


Standard and additional information

Conforms to:
EN 959:2007

Anchor Bolt 12 HCR


High Corrosion Resistance (HCR) Ø 12 x 110 mm AISI 904L stainless steel anchor bolt with a single high adhesion expansion element, for use in ultra-corrosive environments and on every type of rock, including rock that is not particularly hard and compact.

Plate Kit 12 HCR


Comprehensive anchor made of High Corrosion Resistance (HCR) AISI 904L stainless steel for use in ultra-corrosive environments, consisting of a Ø 12 x 110 mm anchor bolt with a single expansion element and a Ø 12 mm multidirectional anchor plate.