We have been reported about a few rare cases of plastic bindings that have broken unexpectedly. Front binding (toe side) and / or rear binding (heel side). Such breakage irreparably affects the normal and proper use of the “CRAMPON”. The evidence of an even slight risk of breakage of the bindings makes the device itself unsuitable for use. >> read



Reference number:

  • 7W147

Innovative daisy chain with loops made of the new single-layer Dyneema webbing, equipped with a screw gate carabiner NIMBLE EVO SG, specific for multi-pitch sport routes, crags and for mountaineering in general.

Ideal, on multi-pitch routes, for self-belaying at stances, for abseiling and as an étrier. In crag climbing it can be used as a lanyard for self-belaying and for the following descent from a belay station with a lower-off ring.

Main characteristics

  • equipped with an innovative loop for the connection to the harness (registered design), with six wide intermediate loops and a sling at the end;
  • the special construction guarantees a constant 24kN-rated strength: from end to end, for each single intermediate loop or connecting two or more intermediate loops;
  • this single-loop-based construction reduces the chance of error and the danger of it moving out of the anchor, typical of traditional daisy chains.

Technical features


Single loop:
24 kN

100 cm


Standard and additional information

EN 566:2017


Nimble Evo SG


Light allow screwgate carabiner, hot forged with ample aperture, ideal for sport climbing and for intense use.